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Rural Turism


It is in the implementation stage and will serve as support to the farms and hotels of the region. The farm is not a hotel, but a proposal of ride to experience an authentic Coffee Farm where the ancient has been preserved along with the implementation of modern production techniques.

A circuit is planned by the coffee plantations, by the system of processing, storage, roasting, and by the Family Manor-House.
The end of the visit will take place at a Classic Coffee Shop, where the various kinds of coffee may be degusted, local products may be bought, and information may be exchanged..
There will be books and magazines to be skimmed at any time of day. High ceilings, bicentennial walls, antique counters, wooden tables and chairs create a relaxing and cozy environment to make you feel at the Coffee Barons’ time.

Coffee is the drink of courtesy, a trademark of Brazilian hospitality. At the Café Helena Coffee Shop and between one break and another, coffee accompanies an informal chat, a business that is carried out, a hope that becomes real. Café Helena serves as a link in reinforcing friendships and as a catalyst for decisive moments to close out commitments and agreements. Thus, when degusting Café Helena, you will notice how good coffee brings friends closer, makes it easy for a conversation, and makes the environment lighter and agreeable. Come taste some coffee on Fazenda Monte Alto and enjoy a nice ride in the country and in the Past.

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