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Technical Data


Property: Fazenda Monte Alto
Location: Municipal District of Dourado – Center of the State of São Paulo, amid São Carlos, Jaú, Araraquara and neighboring Brotas.
Total Area: 2,420,000 square meters
Area of Coffee: 138 ha (57 alqueires)
Number of trees: 750,000 trees of Arabic coffee of varieties obatã, acaiá, yellow catuaí and red catuaí.
Geographic Coordinates: S Lat 22° 03'45” e W Lon 48° 15'30”
Altitude: From 705 to 732 meters
Activities: Processed coffee in sacks for the internal market and exportation, roasted and ground coffee, butchery rams, butchery chicken poultry farms, butchery cattle, and touristic visits.
Average Temperatures: Temperate climate with 22º annual average. In Summer, during the day it can reach 35º falling a lot at night – in function of the altitude – to 18º. In Winter, nights can have a 6º minimum, going up to 20º during the day.
Pluviometry: The Farm has had daily measurements since 1926. The rain rate is good (average 1600 mml annually, with good distribution), with no need for irrigation.
Relief, Topography, and Soil: It is a mild plateau, with excellent topography, totally mechanizable, with pure, rich soil, and mixed land of good quality with the mixture of sandy and rich soil. Well-drained lands, with four lakes, without puddles, and with several perennial sources of drinkable and crystalline water, forming brooks.

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