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Projeto com Poesia















A beautiful and old farm, in a mount (plateau) where one observes “the current force of absent things” – harborer and hospitable – which throughout time had similar ceremonies for different functions.


Magic place contemplated and to contemplate. From the existing structures the harmonies are highlighted, slightly maladjusted, rhythms without acknowledgeable sequence, weakened symmetries, functional clarity in mazy disguise, numberless shady whites and blues, the materials, and those that are almost material.


The proposal recognized if by chance it has not reinforced the implicit formal autonomy of the existent element, generating its own rules, without changing the main role of the existing structure, which keeps almost intact its special current qualities.


Rules cohabit with the simultaneously austere character of the materials, rich in iconography and forms.


The project key aims at reorganizing the different functional spaces, following what would be the natural growth of the farm with the servicing zones addorsed to the lakes, public zones arranged in sequence and around the successive outside spaces formed by the mansion, granaries, scattered houses, zone of bedrooms around the mansion and, at last, the area for events and office.


In function of the biophysical characteristics, location and historic, architectural and working vestiges, the spaces outside the house offer two types of activities:


One, commercial, for leisure and dwelling, with its recovered structures, paths, sources, vegetable garden and orchard. The garden, as a separate structure, invites to contemplation and reflection, because it has always been associated to the notion of time and to the division of seasons.


The other for agricultural work, with its zones to produce coffee, for pasture, cattle breeding and poultry. The high quality of the soils makes any type of plantation feasible, without large nets for watering, due to the abundant hydric resources of the region.


Ovine breeding, under the system of free pasturing, along with the coffee, requires little manpower, makes the cut of the meadows and enriches the local landscape. The land forestation with species typical of the São Paulo landscape, has enriched the environment by increasing the biodiversity, colors and textures.


By optimizing the existing structures, the conditions for preserving the rural landscape of the region are created, with the smallest cost possible for implementing and maintaining, providing visitors with natural paths by the forests and lakes, enjoying the nuances of the sky, waters and soils.


With this project we intended not only to give a time for their things, with shapes that do not hide their functions, but also to take profit of the generous characteristics and the relaxed rigorousness of the ancient and large colonial buildings of the center of the São Paulo State.


So that the Whole, having something to say, do it silently.



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