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The Farm


Take a few steps backwards in Time and you will get to know a Farm founded in 1813, which is located in the heart of the State of São Paulo. Fazenda Monte Alto (Monte Alto Farm) is at a short distance from anywhere, in the geographical center of the State, in the Municipal District of Dourado –SP (see map), amid São Carlos, Jaú, and Araraquara, sharing the same ecogeography as the neighboring city of Brotas.

On the Farm, you will find gardens, Cascades, trellis, decks, private courtyards, tracks, water taps
Lakes and other romantic and mysterious places
Besides the geese
Peacocks, rabbits, ducks, guinea hens, quails, chickens, turtles and many other wild animals incorporated to nature.
You may rest on a delightful hammock in the shade of fruitful trees.
The Colonial Farmhouse, almost bicentennial (1813), has been completely restored with deep love and care, preserving its splendor and grandeur.

This is the Farm where the current producer Maria Helena was born, grew up, and got married, in the same traditional ceremony as many other women in her family. This asset has been with the Monteiro family for over 80 years, and its founding goes back to the year 1813, by her husband’s ancestors. The Farm started with the cultivation of sugar-cane (cayena branca) and, as of the 1860’s, it has turned to coffee..

Export Coffee Sack Stamp
The producer’s grandfather, José Monteiro Novo, was already exporting coffee to Europe in 1926.
The coffee tradition continued with her father Edmar Monteiro throughout the 20th century, and even today, almost with ninety years old, he loves to taste a good cup of coffee.
From the beginning of the 21st century, after having her career as a businesswoman and executive for a multinational company, Maria Helena turned to her origin, purchased the property, and started to implement a new coffee plantation, introducing the most modern production techniques.

The choice to go on growing coffee was made in function of the history of producing good-quality types of coffee in the centennial region of coffee production and, specifically on Fazenda Monte Alto, where the extraordinary potential of the land could be allied to the challenges of modernity.

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